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Labconco laboratory glassware washers have specialized features to meet the laboratory’s demand for superior cleaning and convenience. SteamScrubber Glassware Washers have top and bottom racks that accommodate accessory inserts for a wide variety of glassware shapes and sizes, primarily beakers and other wide-mouth glassware. FlaskScrubber Glassware Washers have a spindle rack that holds up to 36 pieces of primarily narrow-necked glassware such as volumetric flasks. FlaskScrubber Vantage Series Glassware Washers have additional monitoring and control features beneficial to contamination-sensitive research. SteamScrubber and FlaskScrubber Glassware Washers are available in undercounter and freestanding models. FlaskScrubber Vantage Series Glassware Washers are freestanding and can be easily converted to undercounter.

All racks are interchangeable among washers. Standard Upper and Lower Racks that come in the SteamScrubber Galssware Washer may be purchased separately and used in the FlaskScrubber and FlaskScrubber Vantage Series Washers. Likewise, the Lower Spindle Rack that is included with the FlaskScrubber and FlaskScrubber Vantage Series Washer may be purchased separately and used in the SteamScrubber Glassware Washer. In addition, a wide number of accessory baskets and racks are available for each glassware washer type.

Below is a brand listing of the laboratory glassware washers available from Labconco. Click on any brand to find out more about it. If you are still unsure which brand is best for your application, use the Advanced Product Search to help you narrow down your choices.

Labconco Washers
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SteamScrubber Glassware Washer-UC
SteamScrubber Glassware Washer 208/240
SteamScrubber Glassware Washer 115v
SteamScrubber Glassware Washer 208/240
Flaskscrubber, Undercounter, 115V
FlaskScrubber, Undercounter, 115V, W/L
FlaskScrubber Glassware Washer 208/240
FlaskScrubber Glassware Washer
FlaskScrubber Glassware Washer
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Flaskscrubber 33, Undercounter, 115V