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BVA Scientific, located in South Texas, maintains a huge inventory of midstream oilfield supplies to cover the fast growing crude oil industry. We are in stock on many hard to find gauger and trucking supplies like ASTM hydrometers, centrifuge tubes, wood back thermometers, and oil thieves. We can provide 1-2 day service in Texas, 2 day service into Oklahoma, and 4 day service into North Dakota.


gauger tray

Gauger Tray – Keep all your gauging equipment organized in one place with our gauger tray with compartments for Gauging Tape, Plumb Bob, Oil Thief, Hydrometers, Centrifuge Tubes, as well as Wood Back.

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Plumb Bob

Gauging Tape & Plumb Bob – Measure the oil level in holding tanks with this gauging tape – plumb bob combination. Replacement tapes available as well.

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astm hydrometer

ASTM Hydrometers – Determine the density of oil with API ranges of 9-91 with these ASTM hydrometers.

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wood back thermometer

Wood Back – Determine oil temperature in storage vessels with wood back thermometer. Designed with non sparking brass cup which holds 100ml of liquid.

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oil thief

Oil Thief – Safely collect oil samples from storage vessels with this 18” oil thief.

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centrifuge tubes

Centrifuge Tubes – 100ML centrifuge tubes marked to 200 parts.

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hydrometer case

Hydrometer Case – 4 place hydrometer case helps keep hydrometers safe while on the move.

Oil Centrifuge

Oil Centrifuge – Determine water and sediment content of your oil sample with a 2 place oil centrifuge built to run off 12V.

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